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OS Names API

Over 2.5 million places in Great Britain in a searchable database.

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Accurate place names, kept up to date

Easily access over 1.6 million postcodes, 870,000 road names and numbers and 44,000 settlements, all kept up to date.

Integrating easily with your own GIS or web and mobile based apps, OS Names makes customer-facing 'find your nearest' applications more efficient. It also makes life easier, enabling you to link confidently with third parties' data too.

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Detailed, searchable data

You may be hunting for statistical data, analysing trends, or using details for purely consumer-oriented services.

OS Names gives you smooth access to brilliantly detailed, searchable data – the details of nearly 44,000 individual settlements and over 870,000 named and numbered roads.

1.6 million postcodes


Easy to integrate

OS Names is a RESTful web service, which makes it easy to integrate with your own apps and existing GIS.

And because you’re not locked in to Ordnance Survey alone you’re free to use our APIs with other providers’ services (subject to third party terms and conditions).

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OS Names API is available on request

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